Over the last 30 years, I have never been disappointed as to how beneficial  ‘writing it out’ can help you clear your past and heal your future.  After all, we all know we are the centre of our own universe and, therefore, our own powerhouse for change.

A letter

I remember receiving a letter from a guy I was going out with; he had taken my friend’s sister to a concert and had not been honest with me.  He left a letter in my letterbox explaining why.  I took my time to think about it and decided to reply.  Unfortunately, the first letter of reply was not very cohesive or pleasant.  It was actually full of my pain, and I realised as I read through it that it was really about how my Mother had constantly let me down, lied to me and, at times, set me up to fail. I don’t even know if she realised how bad she was.  

A second letter

So I wrote a second letter. This was a wee bit more cohesive to the situation, but still, I found my past hurts rising to the surface for me to deal with.  It was a painful time, but also one of great insight and healing.

A third letter

The third letter was my salvation and perfect for sending.

I have used this method for many years now, in my workshops and sharing with my clients.  It works every time.

So, if you would like to try this method, here are the guidelines.

Method and guidelines

What you’ll need

You will need paper and pens.  I like to use the A4 pads as the paper is quite thin and easy to burn.

Set aside a space and time where you are comfortable and won’t be disturbed.

Just begin

Then you can write about what has upset you, whether that be a person saying or doing something, or something not going correctly for you.

What you are struggling with, be it physical health or the thought processes you are having.

It is about bringing the negative to the surface so you can acknowledge it and then release it.

Take your time

This can take some time to write out. As you read, it took me three letters to get the reply nice and without all my own emotional baggage thrown in for good measure.  It actually took me a few days to write it all out, as I had a break between each letter.

Love letter to myself

What I did add to this method of healing was to write myself a love letter.  

I told myself how wonderful I was; I remembered all the great things I had done to help others: my family, friends, work colleagues, my community, charities and more.

Then I looked at the good times I had experienced with all of them.  I had updated my CV and checked that out, just to see what I had accomplished.  It lifted my spirits.

I do this with love and always feel the pain ease.

Some people will keep their letters so they can review their progress.  For me, I burnt my three and set them free.  

For more information, you may like to do the Full Moon Clearing Ceremony.


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