About Trish Stewart

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North Auckland Clairvoyant and Empowerment Coach

I love what I do.  

My work as a Clairvoyant/Intuitive and Empowerment Coach gives me the greatest pleasure and satisfaction. Are you seeking clarity? Are you looking for a clairvoyant in Auckland? I’m based in Orewa and I’m here to help you shift your perspective and to guide you on your journey.

For as long as I can remember, I have loved sharing my knowledge and clairvoyant insights with people.

I am Trish Stewart, of Ngati Awa and European New Zealand heritage. I am a lifelong clairvoyant, an artist, a gardener, a seeker of knowledge for my work – and a mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother! I love my family fiercely – even when they aren’t being especially lovable.

Caring For Our Community

clairvoyant auckland

Yarning for Charity

Orewa group to yarn, create and support local charities with hand crafted warmth.

Workshops and Empowerment Courses

My one-day workshops and courses can help you gain a greater understanding of yourself and how your life can change.

clairvoyants auckland

Clairvoyant in Orewa, Auckland

The seaside town of Orewa, Auckland, is where I live and work. Being close to the sea is a must for me, as the energies from it keep me both invigorated and grounded.  

In addition to the intuitive abilities and life-learnings I use in my work, I also use crystals and essential oils as tools.  I hope you enjoy my essential oil recipes.

It’s my privilege to guide

Trusting me to be with you, and help guide you on your journey, is my privilege. My gentle but effective coaching style will help you shift your perspective on life’s problems. 

Phone me, Trish Stewart, on 021 115 3086 for a short discussion to see if my coaching style is a fit for you.