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Workshops with a spiritual empowerment coach

My workshops are designed to complement the intuitive conversations, to offer a deeper insight to how you can change the life you live…or if you like, expand your comfort zone to incorporate a larger, more meaningful lifestyle. 

About Trish

As a clairvoyant and intuitive, I am able to tune into you and help you to discover your own individual journey, and the patterns formed that are propelling you forward, or holding you back. Call Trish, spiritual empowerment coach, on 021 115 3086 if you’d like to know more.

The following workshops are available during the current covid restrictions.

Finding Your Magic

Online Workshop

Finding Your Magic

Online Workshop

Do you want to awaken the power to be you and discover how to be your best self in an uncertain world?

Where is your magic? It is inside you!

"For years I explored and shared various healing forms and finally realised that our lives stem from the way we think. Whether we think in a positive or negative way and how much emotion we back our thoughts with. We all have magic inside us – it’s hiding under the pressure of life. Our joy is in finding it again.

I hope that as you journey through this course you will understand who you are at this point in time, and empower yourself to be you, because that is where your real magic lies. You don’t need to forever live in the shadows of others – their ideas, beliefs, and ways of being. You can be the centre of your universe.”

~ Trish Stewart

Usually $249 NOW $149

Groups I’m involved with as spiritual empowerment coach

The Community Hub

The Community Hub is for Orewa and Rodney business owners to network, share and support each other. The common goal for all is success for their business and their future. This is achieved by sharing information, challenges, knowledge, successes and downfalls. We hold regular Face-to-Face networking meetings and Pop-Up Meetings. As the saying goes, it is “Who you know not what you know”.

Yarnteeze - Yarning for Charity

Yarnteeze is “yarning with the aunties”.  When we were growing up, the mothers and aunties would gather together and knit or crochet, they would talk away over pots of tea and solve the problems of the world.

This group is all about bringing old and new friends together through the creativity of knitting, crafts, up-cycling, re-purposing, gardening, eating, drinking and having a yarn. It is about spending time together, sharing knowledge and ideas in a fun atmosphere. We sit and yarn, create and support local charities with hand crafted warmth.

Together, we can explore what clarity, alignment, and a different perspective on how life could look like for you.

Phone me, Trish Stewart, on 021 115 3086 for a short discussion to see if my coaching style is a fit for you.