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Seeking clarity? I’m based in Orewa and I can help shift your perspective and guide you on your journey, just as I have helped 100s of others. Read what they say about my readings, workshops and courses …….

“Today I gained an insight into what my intuition was telling me …” Intuitive Conversations

Intuitive Conversations
“Trish, thank you for your Intuitive Conversation with me.  I was able to put things into perspective and realised how much I was not acknowledging, it showed me how I could change my future by taking back control of my life.  I had a sense of relief and release as the Conversation progressed and left the session feeling lighter in myself.

Many thanks”


Life Pattern’s Workshop

“I think that everyone should do your Life Patterns Course, it helped me to cut through all the beliefs I had formed about myself and I got clear on what wasn’t my ‘stuff’ but belonged to others and how I took it on.  It takes courage to face your behavior, but man it is worth the effort to be able to experience such freedom at the end of the journey….”


Life Pattern’s Workshop

“I learnt to value my self-worth and that I had the ability to ‘dispose of’ past events to move on. It’s not healthy to carry these around. I learnt that it is Okay to trust people and share with them how I am feeling.  Overall, I feel ‘healthier’ within myself….”


Digging Deep

“Even though I have worked with therapists and felt that I had dealt with many issues in my life, this course was a revelation to me.  It made me aware of where some of my core beliefs originated. By letting go, and accepting where these came from I feel calmer, lighter and more whole than I have ever been.  Thank you so much.” 


Intuitive Conversations

“Hi Trish, thank you for your time, I realise I was a last-minute booking for you and appreciate you doing this for me.  I was wound up and really stressing myself out by the time I got to you. I left feeling stronger in myself and made the changes recommended.  I now feel calmer and in control of my life instead of the other way around.

Much aroha” 


Life Pattern’s Workshop

“I gained insights as to how we are affected by our belief systems and that they can be changed.  I takeaway learnings and tools to raise my self esteem and self confidence and other issues as they come up, it has become a game changer for me….”


Life Pattern’s Workshop

“Today I gained an insight into what my intuition was telling me and how I have arrived (emotionally) where I am today. I have been able to provide some analysis “why” I ‘need’ to make changes, reinforcing what I ‘feel’ was suitable for me all the time 10/10 again Trish.  Thank you.”


Meditation and Relaxation for Mindfulness

“Doing this course helped me to become a lot calmer and rational, not so emotive. I stopped getting caught up in other people’s dramas and was able to think more clearly.  For example, I was laid off at work, normally I would go into a tail spin, not this time, I thought it through and was able to find another job, which is better for me…” 


Meditation and Relaxation for Mindfulness

“I feel alive, I feel whole, I am more mindful of others and their feelings.  I feel as if I have connected with my Soul…..”


Life Pattern’s Workshop

“What I gained from today is an insight and clarity into the patterns I have created in my life, how they were formed and that I can make those changes necessary to get them out of my life.  It was a sense of ‘recognition’…”


Life Pattern’s Workshop

“I gained a better understanding of myself, where I’ve been, what I thought and how to change my thoughts and to aim for a brighter healthier future.  I feel a lot more positive now about where I am going in my life….”


Digging Deep

“This Course has helped me to see and understand things that were not always clear in meaning.  A small thing to an adult can be a big thing to a child. I feel things falling into place. Thank you.”


Digging Deep

“Digging Deep was a very meaningful experience as many beliefs were brought to the surface and understood.  Many new ideas and directions came from within and I’m still working on them. A great insight and very deep feelings….”


Meditation and Relaxation for Mindfulness

“This course gave me a better sense of self, the calmness I now feel is great and I do know that I am nicer to be around….”


It’s my privilege to guide

Trusting me to be with you, and help guide you on your journey, is my privilege. My gentle but effective coaching style will help you shift your perspective on life’s problems. 

Phone me, Trish Stewart, on 021 115 3086 for a short discussion to see if my coaching style is a fit for you.