Finding Your Magic Online Programme


Step out of the shadows

Find your magic

Do you want to awaken the power to be you and discover how to be your best self in an uncertain world?

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Where is your magic? It is inside you!

“For years I explored and shared various healing forms and finally realised that our lives stem from the way we think. Whether we think in a positive or negative way and how much emotion we back our thoughts with. We all have magic inside us – it’s hiding under the pressure of life. Our joy is in finding it again.

This online course is designed for you to do at your own pace. The feedback has been phenomenal, the successes people have had has been mind blowing for me.  There are 6 sections, each section comes with a short video and a pdf with questions and space for you to write so you are able to keep track of your progress and return back to it for future reference.

The Daily Checklist is to help keep you on track and the Visualisation for Morning and Night will keep you focussed.  You will explore going back to basics, your achievements, the barriers that are blocking you, the boundaries that keep you in control and empower you and and in the end celebrate your beautiful memories.

I hope that as you journey through this course you will understand who you are at this point in time, and empower yourself to be you, because that is where your real magic lies. You don’t need to forever live in the shadows of others – their ideas, beliefs, and ways of being. You can be the centre of your universe.”

~ Trish Stewart