This month of March is the month of transition, and is full on.

For myself, during this month, I have released a lot of emotion and reimagined the direction I want to travel. For me, it’s not surprising that the image I see actually started back in 1986 after my marriage ended. I was full of “why me?”, “why this?” “what now?”, “what could I have done differently?” This sent me off on my ‘Beautiful Quest’ for answers, because I was lost and at times felt terribly alone. My Nana would come through and guide me when I couldn’t see the wood for the trees. In this space I was introduced to various people who were in the Spirit world, and also those who were in this physical world but studying spirituality and psychic development.

In the late 1990’s, while I was facilitating the Wholistic Harmony workshops I had created, I wrote and self-published a book called Finding Your Magic part of the eventual trilogy of Your Life’s Journey. This trilogy is based on the workshops I have created and facilitated over the years, as well as the experiences I have had. The beautiful people who participated always found answers, and made the changes they needed. It felt right to share some of these in the hopes of helping others achieve the same. After a while, the trilogy got put away, as I moved on.

Recently, I was casting around for new ideas and ways to communicate. Then along came the Super New Moon on 20th February, leading up to the Full Moon on the 8th of March. I know that there were many who found themselves confused or out of sorts. For part of this time span, we had no planets in retrograde, so instead of having energies outside ourselves where we could hook into or onto, we were left with a big expanse of space and the only thing we could connect with was ourselves.

This was part of the reason why so many were tired, with this absence of energy we had to go within. While we all know that the answers we seek are inside us, many don’t want to go there and explore. Can you imagine the world without explorers, how dull it would be? Now, can you imagine your life without exploring who you are and what your passions are?

This Super New Moon was the time of transition, where we initiated the changes we wanted to see in our lives. With the equinox and the New Moon’s arrival on Tuesday 22nd March, we have the space to embrace and enjoy the journey. You may be very surprised to see how joyous and fulfilling your life can be.

Let’s not waste this New Moon energy, tap into it and build the new life you seek.

For me, there is a sense of elation as I finally put the last pieces of my own journey together and bring it full circle. I am excitedly preparing to launch the updated version of Finding Your Magic, and finish the trilogy of Your Life’s Journey.

See you in the next blog, until then believe in yourself and follow your passions.