Taking time to enjoy a small moment or slice of life among the bigger moments. This story is about snippets of time shared with those we love and care for the most.  I hope you enjoy it.  

Nga mihi nui,


By Trish Stewart

Jenni held her breath in eager anticipation, she could feel the excitement rising in her and she began to tremble with irrepressible laughter.  Carl put his hand over her mouth to quiet her, damn why did she always have to want to laugh when she was nervous.  This was the first time for Jenni and she was very excited.  She grew hot and bothered as she heard the laboured breathing of Carl and knew it would all be over soon.  Carl grew hot and bothered, hoping Jenni wouldn’t give the game away.  Getting caught before your time wasn’t good.

Brent came in through the front door and could sense that something wasn’t quite right and yet all looked normal. Susan greeted him as he always did with a kiss and a hug, but this time she seemed eager to get him upstairs, strange when only the children’s rooms were up there. 

Susan sent him on ahead of her, chatting away about the day’s doings “I think you should look in Steven’s room and tell me what you think” said Susan.  “All right then” Brent replied, feeling a little unsure about what lay ahead of him.  Weren’t the children with their father this weekend?  Why would we go up there when we should really be getting ready to go out to dinner.  Usually, Susan would be encouraging him to hurry so they wouldn’t be late.  Sometimes women did not make sense at all!

Jenny and Carl both became motionless as if frozen in time as they heard the creak on the stairs. “Don’t breathe” thought Jenni, “don’t give the game away.  Don’t spoil it!”

Steven’s bedroom door was shut and the lights weren’t on. Brent really didn’t want to go in there; it just didn’t seem right.  But Susan was right behind him.  What was that saying; behind every good man is a fantastic woman, well if they were going to their room it would be different, no hesitation to get her in there, she was a fantastic woman and he could think of several things he would like to do to her right here and now – one of them was to strangle her because he knew she wasn’t telling him everything.  He didn’t feel comfortable going into Steven’s room without him knowing.  Especially if the door was shut, you had to respect his sense of privacy as he was growing up and needed to have his own space, Susan and Brent had discussed all this so what was the game; normally she would lead the way.

“Go on, open the door so I can show you what is going on,”  insisted Susan.

Brent opened the door slowly and none too eagerly, he could sense heat from the other side of the door as he slid his hand along the wall to flick the light on.

“Surprise!” yelled everyone except Jenni, who could finally burst out laughing, “Surprise birthdays are such a treat”, thought Jenni as she calmed down.  

“Happy Birthday” chorused the crowd in Steven’s bedroom.  The only room big enough to house everyone who wanted to help Brent celebrate his 30th birthday.

Jenni moved closer to Carl, he wasn’t half bad really and she quite enjoyed getting up close and personal; so to speak.  Jenni hoped to further this moment and maybe have her own little surprise party.