What are your survival techniques?

Survival techniques are what you put in place when you are angry, disappointed, frustrated or confused – when life isn’t going according to your plans. They come into effect when you are confronted with a distressing situation such as:

➢   A breakdown in a relationship

➢   Applying for a new job or promotion

➢   Resigning from your current position

➢   Cold-calling on potential customers

➢   Asking for assistance at work

➢   Asking for help in social context

➢   Moving homes

➢   Death of a loved one

Do you need time out for yourself so you can sort out all the emotions that are running rampant through your body? If so, do you take long walks, go for a run, do a circuit at the gym, or do something else that is less physical? Do you clean out the cupboards and imagine you are clearing out the problems? Stand under running water of a shower and imagine you are cleansing yourself of your problem, or maybe you prefer to play some soothing music and soak in a hot bath, allowing the emotions to slowly permeate their way to the surface so you can release them in your time.

Meditation can help you to relax and examine the dilemma in a less emotional manner often allowing you to see things clearly

Compose an inventory of your Survival Techniques and explore why they work for you. You could do mind mapping, or make lists and use colour to highlight special points. Use any techniques that help you to focus on these questions and enable you to answer them. The purpose of this is to help you understand yourself and how you operate.

For many years one of my main Survival Techniques has been networking. I found that making a lot of friends, always finding new associates and allowing friendship to blossom has given me a safety net when things have gone wrong, as I have had people whom I value and trust totally to share my problems with. They can’t necessarily give me the answer, but talking it over can often clarify my problem and set my mind at rest.

Failing that I have got out and shifted the energy around me. Of course, you must also be there for them if they have a problem.

What is your main Survival Technique?

Ultimately, when faced with dilemmas I centre myself and meditate or do visualisation. I need time out to be quiet and allow my Higher Self time to give me the answer or guidance.