Working on the hidden stories, the ones that lie deep within our being – perhaps we brought them through with us….perhaps they reflect the hurt we felt from the past and buried, as we were unable to deal with it at the time, so there it all lies, processing, fermenting and gradually entering our mind and body in the form of aches and pains, unexplained grief or sadness – we experience a sense of loss and yet we can’t remember losing anything.

Nothing makes sense to us – logic can’t solve the mystery. Our bodies expand with this toxic build up, our health suffers as we lose motivation.  Nothing seems to work – we’ve tried everything…is this it, is this our lot?

Maybe there is one more thing to try, one last hope, a last-ditch effort…perhaps this will help.

Smart and Sassy, an active blend designed to assist your metabolic self… help your gut!

How can those tiny little drops help?

Story time: On Sunday 4th November I settled into a quiet space and sipped my glass of water with 3 drops of Smart & Sassy . I Hadn’t used it before…. It was my Dad’s first year anniversary of his passing and I wanted alone time.  The past 12 months had been hard, lots of decision making, changes and in the end a new way of being.  Sometimes grief slows us down to a place of functioning to survive and not much else.  We can become lost in the muddle of daily life, sorting estates, filling in forms, signing documents.  Filling the gaps where a person you love had been.  As they say “Grief is love looking for a place to go”

My stomach rumbled and gurgled as if popping bubbles of stuck emotions.   I slept well on Sunday eve and Monday morning I awoke with “Today my new life starts” I haven’t looked back, this stuff really works!

Story two.  A client shared that the 3 times she has used Smart & Sassy her 6 year old cries for no apparent reason.  I sent her notes on the essential oils in Smart & Sassy.  Her response was “Yes it makes sense now. many of the emotions I sensed she was born with and the doctors said it was colic”.  Now they are using it to help her heal, a little bit at a time.