On the surface many people think they have relationships so that the people they are with can make them happy.  When you are born, you have a relationship with your mother; she has given birth to you. It is her job to nurture you, feed you and to take care of you. You have the father, it is his job to protect and provide. You start to form in your mind a relationship and how you must behave with your father and mother and therefore male and female.  You learn how to form relationships and what you must do for your survival. 

But relationships go deeper than that; past when you are conceived by the male and female in this lifetime, further back to when you were created from Source, to create your soul. And if you go back that far, you will realise that your main purpose is to improve the relationship you have with yourself, every lifetime that you have and every person that comes into your realm is there to teach you an aspect of who you are.  To show you a way to make changes if you choose to, or to show you how you can remain the same. To do this you must understand who you are.

Without change, nothing changes.

No one comes into the world to make you right or wrong, they come to show you who you are and help you recognise your truth. Unfortunately as we go through life we take on board everyone else’s opinions, beliefs and ideals. We mimic others behaviours to see if we are comfortable with them, as a child we will mimic the adults because we know no other way.

We learn that if we do not behave in certain ways we do not fit in. As we go through life we take on board other ways of being, we build ourselves, we grow and we become adults and as we become adults we fill ourselves up with the other beings ways we have been in touch with, we become fragmented.  As babies we are ourselves, because we haven’t taken on too many personality traits and thoughts of others.

As adults we are multifaceted, we have many personalities even though we think we are ourselves, we are not, we are our friends, our neighbours, our work colleagues, we are members of our family, we are our parents, brothers and sisters, aunties, uncles and cousins. Everyone that we meet has an impact on us and everyone leaves us with a residue of themselves.

Unfortunately we keep separating ourselves from everyone else because we feel in separation we will find out who we really are.  In separation we become lost and disconnected. Relationships are about us finding ourselves again, connecting with those who vibrate to our inner self, we have them not to make other people better, not to make ourselves right or wrong we have them so we can grow.

Our inner vibration is the expression of the Beliefs we have.  Every Belief like anything else that happens in our lives has a vibration to it. Everything is energy and therefore it stands to reason that just as our thoughts have feelings that transmit as energy, so do our Beliefs. 

Every relationship we have is an experience to help us understand who we are.  There is no right or wrong, good or bad there just is and in “isness” you are being who you are.  You have free will and you can change who you are with just a thought, you can choose to be kind, you can choose to be sad, you can choose to be positive or negative. You can choose to see the good in all or the bad; your life is your choice.

Control issues come in when we aren’t happy in ourselves and we want others to make us happy. So we set rules in place and boundaries and we want people to fit in with the labels we give them so we know our world is safe and will go the way we want it to.  In putting barriers up and controls on people we then control ourselves and we stop our own growth as well as other peoples, we stop learning, developing, we close down we become empty, we become lost and we become separated.

For many of us it is time to unravel all the personalities we have taken on board from others and find out who we are. To do this we must go within so we can recognise our truth and purpose, while on the outside it could appear that our purpose is to learn compassion, love, to be with children, to help save the forest or the whales.  Deep down the purpose everyone has is to be true to themselves, because in truth we have respect, honour, love and integrity, from there we bring about a positive joy and abundance, it may sound idealistic, but there is no harm in thinking this way.

When you are created the spiritual form comes through and connects with the human body; our Chakras are designed to connect the spiritual and the physical together.  If you understand the Chakras you will see what areas in your life you need to work on. Each of the 7 Major Chakras is designed to work with a different phase of your life. There are other Chakras and you can work on those as the time comes.

The biggest question anyone must ask themselves is, are they comfortable with life the way it is and do they wish to remain as they are, or are they ready to explore other ways of being, knowing that to explore other ways, the change must come from them. A surface outside change will not bring change from within; the change must come from within.  

 It is a big ask; because as you change from within, the world around you will change, people you thought as friends could move on, your family may not understand you, and often times it can become lonely. If you have been desirous of change with your life and have sat and daydreamed of a better way, then the Universe will hear your call and go into action to bring about what you ask. It may not happen the way you want, but change will take place.