A time of transition 

For the last couple of days I have been feeling calmer. Initially, I thought it was because Cyclone Gabrielle had left the country. But then I mused for a moment or two and realised I wasn’t just calmer, but had suddenly lost interest in the past and all the baggage that came with it. I was no longer interested in some of the plans I had made, or ventures I thought would be great to pursue. I was calm, and at peace in a way I have not been for many, many years. My future opened up before me and the path was well lit and calm, there was peace all around me and the chatter inside my head had left. 

It reminded me of a time over 15 years ago when I was walking through a shopping mall. There was noise everywhere, music blaring out of the shops, competing with the music from the mall itself. People jostling around and moving quickly, aiming to do as much as they could in their lunch break. And there I was walking along amidst it all, and suddenly I walked into a vortex, or the nearest thing I could think of as one. I was still walking along the walkway, but there was no noise, just pure bliss. My body relaxed completely, and I felt as though I was floating, but my legs were still moving. And then the noise returned as I walked out of that beautiful space, and the day resumed as if nothing had happened. I did turn around and walk back, but it had gone. 

The truth is that a big part of this feeling comes from the New Moon being in Pisces. It is a time of transition, where you are asked to take a leap of faith and embrace the magic of this time. A time to start anew and begin again with a renewed vigour and understanding of who you are and what you want to do with your life. Trust your intuition to guide you to embrace spiritual and emotional renewal. It is a time to connect deeply to your heartfelt desires, dreams, and goals – not just those you think you’d like, or ‘should’ like – and a deeper understanding of what a meaningful existence means for you.

As a friend pointed out to me, “Remember, too, that what we’re good at might not be the thing we’d like to be good at.  Our gifts and talents are not always given to us according to current fashion or fad.”

These are exciting times indeed. Embrace them and enjoy the ride.