Happy New Year everyone!

You will now be under way with getting back into the swing of things and you may have felt the unease of returning to work, or have decided that another year of the same just isn’t on your agenda. Now is the time to look at how you feel about that job, commitment or lifestyle that isn’t working for you. To help you live your best life I have created a collection of new courses for the New Year!

Start living the life you’re meant to live

There are opportunities galore out there to bring success into your life.  To stop doing the things that your gut says ‘no more’ to and start living the life you are meant to live.

I have been providing my knowledge for many years to others to help them transform their lives into a successful life filled with abundance on all levels. I provide one to one coaching as well as readings so I can connect with you and understand your needs.

New courses and workshops

I have workshops and courses that help support your journey to finding what inspires you as well as create the changes needed.

Success comes in many different ways and it is up to each of us to decide what our success is.

My success comes when I share the knowledge and wisdom I have gained.  It brings me much joy to know that I have been able to help someone gain more clarity in their lives. I’ve had many experiences on my life’s journey and some have not been pleasant, knowing I can help others to avoid or understand their life’s journey better is my aim.

Never miss an update

Don’t miss out on email updates, these include Messages and Energy Updates, workshops, ceremonies, events and gatherings.  I am so excited with this new year, 2023 is buzzing with high energy and information waiting to be shared.  It is a virtual energy highway.

Finding Your Magic The Power to be You

This online course is designed for you to do at your own pace. The feedback has been phenomenal, the successes people have had has been mind blowing for me.  There are 6 sections, each section comes with a short video and a pdf with questions and space for you to write so you are able to keep track of your progress and return back to it for future reference.

The Daily Checklist is to help keep you on track and the Visualisation for Morning and Night will keep you focussed.  You will explore going back to basics, your achievements, the barriers that are blocking you, the boundaries that keep you in control and empower you and and in the end celebrate your beautiful memories.

This course is only $49

The Magic of Meditation

This ebook is designed to show you how to use meditation in your everyday life so you can find the answers to your questions, keep calm and heal.

There is guidance on how to use your breath so you can focus on yourself right now and be in the moment.

There are 4 meditations for you to use:

Golden Light Meditation for protection and relaxation.

Hot Air Balloon Meditation to release your troubles

Crystal Cave Meditation for love and understanding.

Chair Meditation to release or let people go.

There are pages to make notes of your progress and how you felt as well as affirmations to assist in your healing.

This ebook is only $9

Spiritual Smorgasbord Day

A day of exploration and connection with all aspects of your life.  A time to relax and gain a better understanding of  tools that are available to you as you step  into the world of spiritual and psychic development.

Remember everything is energy, including us.  Our day is about us tapping into the various energies we are surrounded by and learning how to use them.

This will help you to understand how energy works for you on a daily basis.  You will learn how to make your own cards using words, colour and/or symbols

There will be meditation, visualisation, mandalas, crystals, colour, chakras, essential oils, oracle cards,numbers, runes and symbols, energy work, healing, smudging with sage, tingshas and metal and crystal singing bowls.  A wonderful day of exploration into the realms you may not have visited before or maybe you want to reconnect to.


9.45am to 3.30pm.  

BYO water bottle, morning and afternoon tea provided.  We will go off site to the local cafe where you can purchase your lunch.

All materials are provided including the print outs, folders and pens

This full day is $310 per person

Chakras, Crystals and Essential Oils

A full day of inspiration and motivation for you to find out more about yourself and how to heal old wounds while manifesting a new way to be.These 3 ingredients are the foundation of your new way to connect with yourself and your Soul.


It is time to check out your Chakras and feel their energy, learn what each Chakra represents and how they can help you with your own health.

Chakras are becoming more recognised now than in the past.  They are the ganglion of where the Spiritual and Physical Bodies meet.  Your spiritual body is larger than your physical, thus the Chakras anchor the physical body to the spiritual, the energy that radiates around the outside of your body is called an Aura and is the extension of your Chakra.

Healthy Chakras are very important to maintaining good health and can often alert us to ailments within our body.  If our Chakras are out of alignment or unbalanced this can manifest with us as a physical or emotional complaint and the reverse of this is, if we have a physical or emotional problem it is an indication that our Chakras are out of alignment, the two go hand in glove.  The beauty of this is that the more we understand ourselves the more we can self-heal..


I have long had a love affair with these beautiful stones.  I feel crystals are the skeleton of Mother Earth and help to radiate and share her beauty and knowledge with us.

There are  3 main crystals; Clear Quartz is a master crystal as it is made up of all the colours of the rainbow, and has a very strong energy.It activates all Chakras.   Amethyst is a calming stone aiding communication while connecting us with our higher realms, and Rose Quartz is for love and infinite peace. Everyone loves these sparkling gems.  But did you know that malachite can be a very effective crystal as well?  It helps with cutting emotional ties to the past and works well with Rose Quartz.

Learn how crystal energy supports you with physical healing whether by touch, having them in your space or drinking their elixir. Understand how to cleanse and tune them to support you. 

Essential Oils

I have long loved the aroma from the little bottles of essence and used them to create wax balms for healing muscle damage, used in the diffuser to create a mood, as well as on my body directly or with a carrier oil.  When meditating I find Frankincense is wonderful for finding the truth, Lavender for calm and communication, Basil for aiding my memory.  Wild Orange for joy and abundance, Rosemary to aid with changing times.

These are all wonderful and help to raise your emotional awareness.

Combining these tools gives you a powerhouse of energy to support you on your journey.


9.45am to 3.30pm.  

BYO water bottle, morning and afternoon tea provided.  We will go off site to the local cafe where you can purchase your lunch.

All materials are provided including the print outs, folders and pens

This full day is $310 per person