New Moon and Solar Eclipse

Here in New Zealand, on December 15 2020,  we have a Total New Moon Solar Eclipse. Solar Eclipses add a strong potent energy to the New Moon.  With this combination, we can enjoy a fresh start or brand new beginnings. 

It really depends on how diligent you have been over the last couple of months (October and November) in clearing out, letting go and releasing.

How much joy have you embraced and during Covid, what were the treasures you found?

The energy of the Solar Eclipse has the power to amplify these gifts and rewards you have given yourself.

Think about where you have felt most challenged and where you have done the most growth. This will help you to recognise your true worth and the worth of your journey.

You may find that your intuition is heightened and you are more in tune with yourself. 

You will be encouraged to follow your gut instincts and grow within your own spiritual arena.  Make sure you are not so busy or distracted that you miss your messages and the gifts they bring you.

The fastest way to get into a state of receiving is to shift our mindset, by focussing on abundance, appreciation, and gratitude as often as we can. 

In other words, have an Attitude of Gratitude.

They say that what you focus on you draw to you. Shifting from the negative and focussing on the positive uplifts your vibration and tells the Universe you want more of the same.  You can see how powerful this time is.  Use it wisely and bring abundance into your life.

Giving from the pureness of your heart is also another way to open to receiving. This time of year tends to bring out the spirit of giving anyway, but see if you can shift this to come from a more heart-centered place rather than a place of obligation.

In June 2020 we had a Solar Eclipse and this December the solar Eclipse is linked to the June one. 

What were you releasing back then, what new discoveries did you uncover about yourself and your life, how did you fit in and what were you drawn to?

In August we had another round of energy that encouraged us to keep releasing and learning. 

This year has definitely been full on in that department.  Whatever you have been working on, will flourish under this New Moon Solar Eclipse in December.  

Please make sure you concentrate on the good things and bring oodles of that into your life. 

Always aim to be true to yourself, and enjoy who you are. In this space you can expand your world to incorporate all the beauty and the miracles you deserve. 

Be kind to yourself, show compassion as you step into your truth and acknowledge your mistakes.  We all make mistakes, use these as keys to your success.  They are showing you another way is needed to achieve your goals and be able to move forward.