They say it is the little things that count.  For me of late this has had a very strong ring of truth with it.  Flowers in the garden, fresh vegetables from my garden, being cosy inside and knitting or crocheting, reading a good book, family and friends, being in nature, a family photo, the list goes on and in reality, the most important things are free.  So why do we work ourselves into a frenzy to earn money to buy all the other items we seem to need?

I know that I do hammer on a bit about how the energies have been pushing us, right now they are guiding us to make certain decisions within our lives.  Well guess what, we are definitely in that phase now, the energies are shifting fast, the weather patterns are erratic to the naked eye, yet, deep down we understand that this is all about opening up a new portal of energy awareness.  Have you noticed how much deeper you are going to release the hidden pain and perception you have of the world?

I noticed a deep rumble with in myself the other day, just as my sister and I were talking, as we reminisced about our lives and shared some stories about growing up…..the rumble moved further up in my abdomen to my chest, then out popped words that I had not shared with anyone…yep, that was a deep rumble, one that had been buried down deep and covered over as time had gone by.  It was a deep cleansing and while it shook me, as I hadn’t thought about it for more years than I care to remember, it had been sitting there, at times governing my own thoughts about the world, then boom, it erupts and the healing takes place.

I highly recommend that we all take time out for ourselves and remember how important we are.  We are the centre of our own Universe and therefore have control over how our lives work.  In this space, make room to reflect on your life and how much you have of what you want…. how much do you have of what you don’t want?  It is a good time to start removing this latter part and making more room for what sparks you.

One of my friends was working on her personal vision and making notes of what she wanted in her life, it gave her a wakeup call…. The list of what she did not want was longer…Action was required and she is now in full flight, emptying her home of unnecessary items and planning to downsize, then travel in her own motor home.

Take action and Find Your Magic.

Real magic arises when we confront our deepest fears, and stop denying or hiding them.