July is an awesome month. It resonates to the number 7, this is the self-number, self-awareness, self-confidence, self-value, self-worth, and spiritual self.  It heralds time for further and deeper reflection about you and your life, how you fit in with the tribe around you.  Do you feel valued, loved and supported?  Are you the one who offers words of praise to everyone to lift their spirits?

Planets are in retrograde and this can bring about a sense of tiredness, as if your energies have been suppressed or your battery drained…..perhaps you feel as if your life is in limbo.  The only thing you can do when life is like this is rest.  You need to slow down and allow yourself time to collect your thoughts.  Life has been a roller coaster of emotions these last few months.   Slow down and allow yourself time to collect your thoughts.

Meditate, breathe deeply down into your diaphragm, walk in nature, become more mindful of your thoughts and actions.  Be aware of how often you go against what you truly want to do.

Create and ambience around you. What senses are you satisfying?  Smell, the scent of flowers, essential oils, the ocean or maybe out in the garden, a beautiful perfume, the smell of biscuits baking.  Sound, soft music, the wind blowing through the trees, children singing, birds singing, absolute stillness and silence.  Visual, what are you enjoying seeing, colours, art, paintings on the wall, cool designs, decorations. Touch, what do you enjoy the feel of, soft fabrics, texture on the walls, coolness, warmth, are you enjoying a sense of space around you?  Lastly, taste, what do you enjoy the taste of, burst of orange from a sweet mandarin, a great wine, beautiful herbal tea, chocolate, fresh water, a wonderful curry.

Be grateful for the good things you have, be aware of what they are.  Give thanks for a kind word or gesture, gift kind words and gestures.  Enrich your life.

“Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, drink the wild air”….Ralph Waldo Emmerson