It has been a  good day today, I am grateful for it. But I have been wondering what is going on with the energies!! 

People who are normally calm are being over excited and erratic, then the internet went down and I had already had the run around from Vodafone while trying to connect Fibre to my modem.

I was looking for guidance from Vodafone and was told to phone this number, push these buttons (no luck), go online, follow these instructions (no luck), use our chat service, write ‘human’ in the comments box and we will find you one – then I was sent onto a link that sent me onto another race around virtual land.

Phew! So tiring.

Then the internet went down again and then after 30 minutes of waiting for help, I finally connected with another human to talk to and express what the problem was (oh joy!) and then of course the internet returned. (Oh joy again!). As it turned out, there had been a complete shut down. 

Question, why didn’t all the places I went to say this, or write this?

It sent me off to look at the planets and see what was going on. We are hovering within the first quarter of the moon, because we are halfway between the  New Moon and the Full Moon there can be altercations, crisis and chaos.  And as there is also a bit of planetary action going on as well, it would be best if we keep as calm as we can, be kind to ourselves and others.

Remember deep breaths!  This too shall pass but maybe not until after 20th January.  On this date, Mars, who likes to pick a fight, will meet Uranus (the planet of electricity) under the Crescent Moon.  

Until then, focus on what you are grateful for. An attitude of gratitude can go a long way.  It will help keep you calm and show you how much good you have in your life.  Remember what you focus on is what you get, if you want more of what makes you happy let the Universe know how grateful you are.

On that note, it would be a great idea to get writing those goals and dreams down, not how you are going to achieve them, just make a note of what you want. 

The Full Moon is on 29th January here in Auckland at 8.16am.  Use the energies wisely and catapult yourself forward.