Many years ago after my marriage had finished I was having a deep and meaningful conversation with a friend and the questions that kept coming up “Where is the Magic?” and “What happened to it, where did it go?” My friend’s husband had died suddenly so her stress came from a different area from mine, but we were both overwhelmed with a sense of loss far beyond our understanding. We both realised that we have lost our magic and weren’t too sure how that had happened or even when.
With those questions still ringing in my ears, my quest for my magic began. For years I explored and shared various healing forms, and finally realised that our lives stem from the way we think. Whether we think in a positive or negative way and how much emotion we back our thoughts with.
We all have magic in us. It is just hiding under the pressure of life. Our joy is finding it again. To rejoice in the wonder of all that has been and all that is to come, to learn to explore and appreciate our inner world as well as our outer world.
In my quest, I went on a spiritual path.


Is what moves you to

explore other options in

your life

Spirit makes you thirst for more knowledge, and when you find the answers it comes back with more questions. This is the way with Spirit – always seeking to enlighten us, always seeking to help us.
Even when you are sick and feeling down and out, spirit will help you find the courage to go on. Spirit is there to guide you and to ensure you learn your lessons.
You are a spiritual being or energy source, experiencing life in the human form. The world is your oyster. So, go forth with a brave heart, knowing that all is well, and enjoy what life has to offer you. Do not be afraid, because this is just another stepping-stone in Your Life’s Journey.

Universal Help

We have just gone through lots of energy shifts with the full moon, lunar eclipse, and planets in alignment, designed to help us make changes.
They have been helping us push within, to find little pockets in ourselves that no longer belong to us. It is about remembering how powerful we are and how often we have allowed the shadows of others to dim our light.
When you go within yourself, there are little areas where you have deposited pain, trauma and loss, so you can continue to get on with life. This journey is the key to helping you remove what no longer belongs there.
Questions we ask ourselves are: Why me? Why this? Why now?
The opportunities are to recognize patterns, beliefs and habits that you have formed, so that you can move on from them.
It’s about Finding Your Magic!
Firstly, you need to be drawn to answer the questions, so you can understand what you are thinking and where the thoughts came from.
Secondly, it’s about letting those thoughts go and bringing in new thoughts that propel you forward, so that you can live the life you dream of.
And the third, is to reset your goals and dreams, so that you can start enjoying your magic.
Always remember that living is done in the moment. Always be present, for this is the one that is sculpting your life.


If you don’t like what you have in this life, you can change it. For change to take place you will need to be honest with yourself as you answer the following questions.
What do I want in my life? Who do I want in my life? What do I have? What makes me really happy? What do I dislike? What makes me feel negative generally?
Take time to answer these questions, and find out how much of what you want already features in your life. Make a list and highlight what you have and see what is missing.