Our next Full Moon is called the Blue Moon as it arrives on Monday November 30th, the same month as the previous one, which was on Sunday 1st November.

Everyone loves to read or listen to the stories of other people, we often think that their stories are far more interesting and important than our stories. 

In this Clearing Ceremony you are being encouraged to write your story, to explore who you are and what makes you tick, what is waiting to be heard, the pain that won’t go away, that niggles at you for attention.

The joy that you buried while you rushed off to live life, the treasure chest of happiness that you created as a child. Life isn’t all doom and gloom, there is always joy somewhere waiting to be found.

Through taking time out to write you will reconnect with yourself, the parts you had forgotten about. And eventually with time, you will become whole again, you will feel complete and happiness will reign supreme.  What are you waiting for…let’s get started

Aim to do this on any full moon to embrace its full power. 

Before starting your Clearing Ceremony take time to write out what you would like to achieve in your life.  This helps with your focus.

You may be experiencing blocks and feeling frustrated that you have not accomplished your goals.  This exercise will help you to find those blocks and release them. 

If you have been triggered by someone else’s behaviour take time to ‘write it out,’ as in, write down what happened and how it made you feel, let the words flow, don’t try to control them.  I have found that this exercise leads to the root cause of the trigger.  The beauty of this is, that you can add this ‘write it out’ dump to the Clearing Ceremony.

Find a place to sit, where you won’t be disturbed and write out your thoughts.  Have music playing in the background, essential oils in your diffuser and perhaps light a candle.

You will need: pen, 3 sheets of thin paper that will burn easily and 2 candles, one being white is good.

Outside you will need a candle holder for one candle and an empty plant pot or something similar to place the burning paper.

When completed, take time to do a quiet meditation/visualisation asking for guidance.

After your meditation/visualisation take another sheet of paper, you can fold it down the middle length wise; on one side write the negative thoughts that you have and on the other side next to the negative thoughts write positive ones.

 E.g, “I am not good enough” becomes “I am good enough”, “I am a failure” becomes “I am successful in all that i do”  “This is how it is” becomes “I am now open to a new way of thinking”

When you have finished, cut the paper in half and slowly tear the negative side into strips. Be mindful, feel the emotions as they arise. You are releasing a lot of old programming and thought processes about yourself.  This is a great way to heal.

Take your strips outside and light one of your candles, keep the white one for later. Shred your negative page so you can burn it. As you pass the shredded paper through the flame of a candle say:

“I am happy and grateful for the lessons I have learnt and I now release these out into the Universe with love, causing no harm to anyone, including me”

When you have finished, light the  white candle and say: “With this flame I attract only positive and loving experiences to me; everything is for my highest good.

Read your page of positives and fill the void.  Remember to breathe. It is important to breathe in as you read your positive affirmations and imagine them filling the void created by the negative ones that have been released.  The Universe loves to fill in the void and if you have a negative residue left over, you will just attract that back in… fill if with white light, love and of course your positive affirmations.

When you are ready, write yourself a love letter, tell yourself how wonderful you are and remember all the great things you have experienced and done, the people you’ve met along the way, people you have helped.

You know you have done amazing things with your life, you have been a friend and still are, you have supported people, worked hard, you are creative, the list goes on…

Please write yourself a reply to this letter.  You are the only person who can be you, you are unique, a jewel in the crown of life and you deserve the best.