On Sunday the 22nd of January at 12.45pm we will experience our first Super New Moon for 2023.

It is time to harness this new energy to power our new goals and dreams into fruition.  We will be in a retrograde-free world over the coming weeks, and this will help to boost the energy along.  This means no extra energy getting in the way and putting us off course.

I liken it to going surfing; you decide which beach, what you will wear, how you will get there, what time and what else you will take along with your surfboard. This is your preparation time. Once you are out in the waves, you know your wave will bring you to shore.  This is what this energy is for.  So take time to sort out what you want to do and go for it.

I have written down what I want in all areas of my life; mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.  This includes my home life, income, family, friends and social activities.  And while I don’t have to do anything to allow these energies to work for me, a wee ceremony or celebration will help to feel that the job has been completed.  For me, it is to give thanks for all the goodness that I have experienced, to express my gratitude for all that has been and what is to come.

After all, it is your experiences of this world that have brought you to this point in time.

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