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Intuitive Packages

This is your conversation, free flowing and intuitive - we can explore any topic with freedom and insight.


Professional Insight


Leadership is a difficult space and insight is key to why we make the decisions we do, the reactions we have, and the outcomes for those choices. Working on a regular basis we explore the current state of play with observations, input and clarity for you from a professional perspective while connecting to personal values.


One off Sessions  $135 per person

Personal Alignment


In today's fast paced lifestyle we are constantly seeking connection to ourselves, loved ones, and others while trying to keep up with life demands.  It can become overwhelming. Short and sharp, we jump outside everyday events and lift your perspective to what is going on and how to see it. Clarity defines what we are seeing, awareness lets us move with confidence.


One off Sessions  $135 per person

Creating Perspective


Often we are so deep in doing things we don’t have the opportunity to look up. We are working in our lives, not on them. Meeting over a selected time period we reveal the alignment you are seeking and through conversations we open up true understanding for yourself and your journey.

4  sessions x 4 weeks       $480 per person

Pattern Workshop

My workshops are designed to compliment the intuitive conversations, or offer a more formal platform of exploration, relevance and perspective in a safe, compassionate space.



Life Pattern’s Course

One Day Workshop


This is one day and encompasses your journey from 0 to 7 and see what your past beliefs are and how they have affected your life. You will gain bursts of insight, a deeper understanding of your own journey. You will leave knowing you are in charge of your life, you are the one who calls the shots and will have the tools to do it! The power of choice is yours!




One off Sessions       $275 per person



Digging Deep

Complete Package


As a series of ongoing conversations in a structured format for 2 hours once a month over four months. Explore individual topics more fully. We dig into the listening, dreams and goals and clear the way for empowered choices and meaningful outcomes. Supported with worksheets, homework, and mindfulness techniques and exercises you will experience a greater sense of wellbeing and self.




4  sessions x 4 weeks       $440 per person