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  • Trish Stewart

Energy Update

I have had a few people asking me “What is up with the energies right now?  Well, tomorrow is our Summer Solstice, and that is when we experience our longest day, while the Northern hemisphere experience their shortest day.  On top of that we have the Full Moon on the 23rd, so yes the energies are strong and pushing.  Look on this as a time of shining the light into the darker areas of your life, the time to see areas that are still in need of acknowledging and healing.  Embrace these energies and allow the new-found vibration to work its magic for you.  It is working to bring all your old hurts and trauma to the surface so it can be viewed, thanked for what it represented for you and released.

After all, that which is not viewed tends to persist.  You can’t heal what you are not aware of.

You don’t need to carry that baggage with you into the new year.  We all know that baggage such as this will only hold you back, anchor you into your past and therefor prevent you moving forward.

2019 is going to be a fabulous year.  2018 is a master number and as such was hard work for many of us.  Chaos and insecurity reigned multiple times, there seemed to be the feeling that as one issue was dealt with another one raised its head. The mission for this energy was to help make you stronger and more powerful, to bring clarity into your life where there was once confusion.  2018 was the year of change, be it in the work environment, home, social, or financial as well as within families and friendships.  Relationships were being sorted out and rearranged.  This has also led to a huge shift in our mental health and wellbeing……the whole spectrum has had a work out. 

Relationships were put to the test for some as people ruminated over how these connections were affecting them.  Some people will part, and others will reunite.  Old friends will reappear as if by magic.  This is two-fold in its meaning.  Does the person from your past add value and would you like to reconnect with them, or are you seeing a side of life you no longer want to be part of?  You choose.  For many it is time to move on, to explore other areas that are opening up to you and therefore to expand your own Being.  To enforce this, the energies are slowing down, for some it feels as though they are in a holding pattern, being held in one place and feeling restrained.  Go with it, be still and allow the emotions to surface.  It is your emotions that hold the key to your success in life.

It is now time to sit, rest, and restore yourself.  It is time to let all that hard work of 2018 wash over you and through you.  Allow the final cleansing and healing to do its work so you arrive ready and able in 2019 feeling relaxed, at ease and full of energy and vitality.

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