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The Conversation

It is said that words make our world...

The reason we have the conversation,

is because deep down everyone has an innate desire to be heard.



The intuitive conversation explores what we are saying, what does it mean about the past, and how can we listen from an empowered place for the future.


On hearing what we have come to make those words mean and understand how they have impacted on our view of ourselves and the world, we can make choices about how we show up and connect with both ourselves and others.


I work with you to explore the real insights, reveal the hidden alignment and clarify your life perspective in a safe, structured and sometimes soul-felt environment.

Two questions I am often asked...


What is a Medium?

A Medium is a person who speaks to those who have passed over.


What is a Clairvoyant, and how do they work?

A Clairvoyant is a person who uses their sixth sense to help others gain clarity, insight and hindsight.


My Vision

I want to leave a legacy of positive words in conversations and written, that uplift and propel people to the best place for them.


Not living in pain from the past, but to experience better health and happiness, a sense of being whole…


Their Soul Connection!

Call Me, Trish, For A Free  15 Minute Discussion...


Together we can explore what clarity, alignment,

and perspective could look like for you.

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