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Hi, I'm Trish...

As a child I was sensitive and intuitive to other peoples needs, but it wasn’t until I was older that I discovered what it meant. Little did I know that this innocent awareness would lead me to conversations that are having a profound effect on my life and others.


My story starts after my marriage ended. I met some amazing, inspiring people and began a journey that opened my eyes to how I was living my life and the choices I needed to make to shift my mindset, my heart-space, and my self-worth, daily.  I had questions and wanted answers “why did this happen to me?”, “what do I want to do”, “who do I want to be” and “where do I want to go with my life?”.

I have experienced a diverse and interesting life incorporating marriage, children, divorce, overseas travel, and self-employment in the service, production and retail fields.


I had choices to make!  I took charge of my life.


It was not an easy journey yet I was committed and as I grew I became present to the child's voice again.


Since that moment I realised my purpose was to help others find their true voice and experience and live a life free from the past so they could embrace the future with clarity, confidence, and connection as well as discovering the wonderful gifts they have been born with and how self-empowerment can heal.

I operate a full-time practice as a Clairvoyant/Intuitive Empowerment Coach in Orewa, Auckland. And in addition to my intuitive abilities I use crystals and essential oils as tools.

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